ArtPainting With My Left Hand

Left Hand Pink Buddha Juggles Poo

I didn’t paint the background for this one. I cannibalized an old mono print. Still having a great time with this left hand painting stuff. Is it art? I don’t know. I don’t  know that anything I create is actually… Continue Reading…

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Pink Buddha Dot Pink

It’s funny how when we become open to seeing what is right in front of us the fog lifts and the mountains appear. I remember years ago, I moved into my current home under duress. I had been a victim… Continue Reading…

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We did it.

Above, Pink Buddha celebrates by doing the Anchovy Dance. That’s right, we did it. The As Above, So Below campaign funded at $5801, thanks to three angels stepping up and tipping the scales. I’ve learned a great deal about myself,… Continue Reading…