Everyday Life: Images, Objects, Assemblages

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EVERYDAY LIFE: Images, Objects, Assemblages

@ Gallery Sabine

1002 W 18th St, Chicago, IL 60608

Opening Saturday, October 2nd, from 6PM – 10PM

On view through Saturday, December 11th

The gallery opened with an investigation of dreams (Freud, surrealism), proceeded to analyze the commodity (Marx, pop), and, presently, we’re exploring the domain of everyday life (Lefebvre, Situationists, photography emphasis).
Particularly, we’ve come to understand the everyday as the intersection of individual consciousness and the abstract systems that govern us (government, economy, interpellation of social roles). Lefebvre, for example, posits that everyday life consists of rhythms/patterns (sunrise/sunset, 9-5s, tempo of traffic lights, etc.). Debord argues that everyday life has been colonized, intercepted by the commodity, and rendered “boring”. Art and politics, on this Situationist view, ought to interrupt this hypnosis (spectacle) through the construction of acute moments of life (situations). Everyday life is psychological, too, and Freud notes subtle glimpses into the unconscious via covert slips of the tongue. 

* Opening is masked, distanced, and capacity enforced.
Exploring the psychology/latent politics of the everyday. Eat, sleep, work, leisure, repeat. Collection of images, objects, assemblages.

Suzette Bross
Robert Buchholz
Bettina Cousineau
Jonah Criswell
Diane Green
Deborah Handler
Laura Letinsky
Terri Lloyd
Alejandro Lugo
Lola Dement Meyers
Industry of the Ordinary
Kasia Ozga
Tom Palazzolo
Elinore Schnurr
Frank Styburski
Frank Zirbel
… and more.


EVERYDAY LIFE: Images, Objects, Assemblages

In The Court Of The Easter Queen Solo Exhibition with Dab Art

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In The Court Of The Easter Queen © 2020, acrylic on canvas, 24 x 36

Dab Art Co. is pleased to announce IN THE COURT OF THE EASTER QUEEN, a solo exhibition of works from Los Angeles based artist Terri Lloyd.

The exhibition features nine works from the Easter Queen series. Included are photos I used to abstract the stories I have told. If nothing else, it’s fun just to see the old imagery.

The exhibit runs March 6 through June 30, 2021.
Artist talk in May, TBA.

…A celebratory exhibition of LA’s most discoverable artists.

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Mash Gallery presents I OF LA, a celebratory exhibition of LA’s most
discoverable artists. Los Angeles, CA, June 30, 2020.

Mash Gallery celebrates the DTLA Arts District community with its expansive exhibition, I OF LA, opening August 29, 2020. I OF LA features 20 of the area’s best discoverable artists—selected from almost 200 submissions and single-handedly curated by MASH Gallery founder and artist, Haleh Mashian. This breathtaking summer show provides a much-needed and safe opportunity to bring the community together to find solace through art.

“Mash Gallery added every precaution to make this an exciting indoor/outdoor event while being totally safe. Come inside or stay outside, for a unique art experience,” encourages MASH.

I OF LA encompasses the space between vision and communication, between artist and audience. “I aim for symbolic interactions to create a contrasting visual syntax for I OF LA. The works possess an energetic rawness and were not designed to be exhibited together. My goal is to highlight this kinetic visual energy against an orderly and refined structure to enhance the high degree of visual complexity around us,” says Haleh.
Haleh explains that the term “emerging artist” can be misleading. So-called emerging artists are sometimes freer and less restrained to experiment with ideas, concepts and materials that don’t immediately resonate with each other—but the unexpected results can generate an energy, a fluidity, that lay previously undiscovered. “I wanted to give these voices a presence in an established gallery,” adds Haleh.

Showcased artists include vivid abstractionist Moises Ortiz, whose arresting works evince an energetic use of color and composition; Terri Lloyd, whose faceless figures grace the stark suburban pastel backgrounds of her childhood; abstract photographer of ordinary household items, Laura Hull; urban street artist and portraitist, Jacob Root; modern-day Lichenstein
descendant, Dan Litzinger, whose pop-comic style mixes mid-century aesthetics with current pop culture imagery; the minimalist installation art of Alex Chiu among many others.

To meet the safety needs of social distancing, the MASH Gallery venue is uniquely suited for today’s live gatherings that require more space and open air. Haleh Mashian has created a true indoor-outdoor space made possible by large, glass garage doors that open directly onto street-level and a high volumetric ceiling fan with two exhaust fans that blow fresh air into the gallery. Helpful floor markings will adhere to six-feet social distancing guidelines, so that at any given time, the gallery is never at over-capacity.

Artwork will hang on outside walls as well as displayed on mobile walls on the sidewalk outside MASH. This summer opening will feature aDJ or live music and a wine bar facing the street. Safety is MASH’s first priority as the gallery knows that inspiring and continuing community is just as important during this time of recovery.

MASH Gallery is a contemporary art gallery located in the Los Angeles Arts District conceived to accommodate independent curators in order to manifest their vision. The brainchild of artist Haleh Mashian, the venue is designed to create intimate conversations between those curators, artists, and the Los Angeles art audience. MASH places its commercial programming into the hands of an ever-changing rotation of curated shows. While scheduling and presenting art installations is an expected feature for museums, it is new territory for a commercial art space. Instead of representing individual artists, MASH Gallery showcases a robust schedule
of compelling contemporary art shows, bringing the art gallery to life like never before.

For more information, visit mashgallery.com or @mash_gallery.
MASH Gallery E: info@mashgallery.com
Media Relations I: @mash_gallery
1325 Palmetto Street, Suite 130 W: mashgallery.com
Los Angeles, CA 90013 F: facebook.com/MashGallery/
O: 213.325.2759