Pandora’s Family Album

An on-going collaboration between myself and artist Michael Flowers.

Since 2017, we meet weekly on Facetime to have various shenanigans. After several years talking about collaborating, we have our first serious project.

One morning as I was rinsing the soap out of my hair, I realized Micheal and I both have a history with drag. I started to laugh and said to no one in particular, “I need him to dress up as Pan. And then I’ll paint him.” And so it began.

The project consists of two parts.
Michael’s side of the project is character development. He provides me either a video or still shots to work from. (See Ass Clown for first iteration.)
I abstract and distill the story into offbeat minimalist figurative paintings.


We propose to share both the stills and the paintings at a later exhibition. (Hit us up if you are interested in playing with us.) Meanwhile, stay tuned. This page will be updated as the project develops.

Fun fact: We have never met in person.

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