I’m not one to wait around for inspiration to strike before I dive into something. I’m committed to a practice that is impatient. Through commitment comes passion and inspiration. Everywhere I look, I find something to investigate, to paint, to prompt a story.
In all fairness, I am honor bound to give credit where it is due. I was watching the second season of John Lurie’s, “Painting With John,” when the obvious hit me. I saw it. I saw what he was doing with his show. He was telling fucking stories.
I said to myself, “I can do that.”
Okay, I know that I am no John Lurie. Not by a long shot. I learned a long time ago that inspiration is one thing. But, you must take that inspiration and make it your own, or make it fucking better. I don’t know that I could ever make what I do better than Lurie’s series. It’s his art, his music, his lived experiences, and his stories about those experiences. He rocks.
My stuff, is my stuff. I’m telling my stories behind my art.  
Like my paintings and other 2D work, I aim give you the whole story with what appears to be very little effort. Of course, the “little effort” is a myth.
The paintings and stories appear to be nostalgic, don’t let that deceive you. I wrestle with the universal archetypes and themes as they appear in my journey called life.
I’ve formatted the videos for social media. 10 minutes being the longest play time.

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