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is the name of my new Etsy shop. Varky is the name my bird gave me. Varky is an abstraction or is it extraction (I never get it right) of Lover and Kitty. Lover is the name the bird has given to my husband. Kitty is the first word Cucuy learned from me and yes, it does mean kitty as in cats.

Lover-Kitty was the name she first bestowed upon me, affiliating me with “Lover” and the kitties. Because Cucuy is a macaw and they are the lazy talkers of the bird world, Lover-Kitty shortly thereafter became Laverky. And after a few months was shortened up even more to Varky.

And Varky I have been for, gosh, about 20 years now.

Varkyland came about today because I have an inventory of posters and other prints that I really want to get into the hands of someone else besides me and the bird and the cats.

My first set off offerings is the As Above, So Below posters. I’ll be adding more products in the coming days. Do take a look. This is an easy and affordable way to grab some of my limited edition prints.

Varkyland is open and ready for you.

Mentorly Yours

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Always looking for way to help out other artists, I was recently added to the Mentorly roster of mentors. You may have read about them recently in Artsy.

Mentorly also has scholarships for mentoring sessions for those on really tight budgets.

Most of all, I want to help you be the best artist you can be, whether that’s about pushing your skills and creative processes into new territory or perhaps to provide you a safe place to sort out ideas, I want to help you.

Caveat: I look a this as a “we are all in this together” process. I’m still a working artist and learning all the time. I hope that through my experiences I can give you worthwhile, actionable ideas to help you grow.

If you would like to schedule a session please visit me here:
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