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Price Reduction!

Mandala, mixed media, 2023
Photo by RL Gibson

Are you weird enough to give this piece a home?

It takes a special kind of person to collect the work of artist Terri Lloyd.

In a word, Terri is a weirdo. An iconoclast, playing dress up marching to the beat of a wooden spoon on her pots and pans. The people who collect her work are also iconoclasts and weirdos of the creative class.

Mandala is a work that crosses over from weird to, well, psychedelic whimsy. It’s the perfect focal piece for your opium den or ashram for wayward hipsters.

So, light up the hookah Gomez, and make Mandala yours!


Mandala, 2023
Mixed media:
porcelain doll limbs, paper maché mask,
googly eyes, glass cabochon doll eyes,
mirror, polystyrene, wood dowels, magnets, acrylic paint
silk cord & expanding foam
34″L × 29″W × 20″D

Original asking price $3400
Now asking $2900 OBO

Interested parties please reach out to @thefordstudios for more information.