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SPARE PARTS: The Art of Artificial Anatomy

Mandala, mixed media, 2023
Photo by RL Gibson

SPARE PARTS: The Art of Artificial Anatomy

“MANDALA” by Terri Lloyd 
porcelain doll limbs, paper maché mask, 
googly eyes, glass cabochon doll eyes, 
mirror, polystyrene, wood dowels, 
& expanding foam 
34″L × 29″W × 20″D

“I navigate an abyss that lies somewhere between Alan Watts and Hunter S. Thompson. Zen in one hand, Gonzo in the other.  Zen being a more formal and learned hand, for thinking beyond the act of viewing.  Gonzo a response to the absurdity of the zeitgeist. Immediate and often ridiculous. Mandala, like bathtub LSD is the Zen/Gonzo result of receiving a box of porcelain doll parts.”
–Terri Lloyd

Spare Parts Opens Friday October 6
5 to 8 pm
Exhibition runs October 6 through November 10, 2023

The Ford Studios
103 Pendleton St
Marion VA 24354