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A Brave & Startling Truth/Women Scribe The World

A Brave & Startling Truth / women scribe the world features portraits of women authors, created by twelve women artists. The term “portrait” is broadly interpreted across the represented disciplines for this show— in representational, abstract, video, textual, sound, and purely conceptual forms.

Each artwork integrates text from the portrait subject’s literary work. Again, the aesthetic treatment of “text” has been broadly interpreted within each artist’s vision—a glimpse, a paragraph, a letter, or an abstraction.a

Curator Stephanie JT Russell has assembled work by artists from the Hudson Valley, Los Angeles, New York City, the Mescalero Apache Reservation, and the San Francisco Bay area.

The conversation across these highly diverse artworks creates a space in which the viewer can meditate upon their own relationship to language and authorial identity.

To maximize the experience, Russell has created an intimate reading, listening, and viewing area that encourages visitors to slow down and absorb the visual art, video, textual pieces, and Eve Madalengoita’s evocative QR-code music installation at their own easy pace.

On 13 November, the gallery will host a literary performance event featuring several artists from the exhibition, as well as additional literary and musical artists from the Hudson Valley.