Castor At The LA Art Show

The Cat With No Fucks To Give

Gestalt Projects in Santa Monica, accepted a little circular painting of mine for their wall at LA Art Show. Was fun to get notified 5 days before the work was due that they had accepted my idea. Never mind the fact that I had submitted 6 months prior. El Oh El.

But, you know me, I love the challenge of a deadline. So, I started out with what was my original idea and got it almost finished when I decided it wasn’t me and ditched it. Starting over, I heard myself telling someone I met recently for a consultation, “Impossible deadline? Easy, pull from what already exists and adapt it to the new situation.” Which is exactly what I did. And roughly 3 hours later, voilà! The Cat With No Fucks To Give.

Yes, the gallerist was pleased to receive the work, said he was really looking forward to having it on the wall. I love it when someone understands my fuckery.