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You know you’re doing some thing right when this pops up.

Commie Porn Video 2

Pink Buddha takes it all off again!

Commie Porn Video!

PB takes it all off in the name of Communism and Commerce!

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From Black Scat Books: This outrageously funny collection of satirical art & text is unlike anything we’ve ever published. Indeed, the book is nearly impossible to describe and must be seen to be believed. …Pre-order this limited edition at a special discount ($6 off the cover price), but hurry—advance sales end Friday, July 25th.

(Psst. Some of you have bitched at me because you want my work but can’t afford it. This is your opportunity to get a volume of it PLUS the irreverent genius of Norman Conquest. That’s a twofer, kiddies. Hurry, these won’t last.)



This coming Labor Day, Black Scat Books will proudly present this profusely illustrated, complete and unexpurgated little volume in a special limited edition of 100 copies. Due to the nature of its contents, the book is guaranteed to sell out quickly, and we advise you to pre-order your copy and save $6 off the publication day cover price ($24).

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Good Shit



The absurdist poster art of Terri Lloyd has just been featured on The Huffington Post. Her iconic “Pink Buddha” is well known among the arts community in Los Angeles, where she performs in costume and exhibits her large posters and paintings. You will also find her work in “The Pleasure Issue” of Black Scat Review. And coming this Labor Day, Black Scat will publish The Little Red Book of Commie Porn (a collaboration between Lloyd and artist Norman Conquest) in a limited edition of 100 copies. The book can be pre-ordered now for $18.00—a savings of $6 off the cover price on publication.

Offer closed.

(Pink Buddha says, “Read good shit.” Check out Black Scat HERE)

On Seeing Online: Archive and Artifice

…With grumbles about the messy complications inherent in the blurring of disciplines coming largely from earlier generations, it is refreshing to see an artist from such a generation playfully critique that grumble, ageism, and most anything in her path, with her wildly irreverent parody and pastiche. Terri Lloyd‘s “Pink Buddha Memes” take form in fabricated postcards, impromptu performance, and video. Lloyd’s online profile also includes running a feminist art collective for women over forty, evidence of the collaboration the Internet affords many artists….

Check it out here: