Mutual Aid & Cooperation #3

Animal Power, 11 x 14 inches on canvas. Available at

Mutual Aid And Cooperation #3

This week, I have one artist to introduce, Jeff Hughart. I “met” Jeff online about 10 years ago through an art blog I used to write for. The blog is gone, but Jeff and I still talk via social media. We not only have art in common, we have Punk Rock and Los Angeles in common too.

Jeff is a self-taught and self-representing artist who works primarily in acrylics, producing paintings that are often raw, emotional, colorful, and energetic. Influences of his punk rock past are expressed in his characteristically vivid palette and visceral brushstrokes. Jeff sells his artwork in gallery shows, on his website (, on ebay, etsy and by appointment in his private studio in Bisbee, AZ. Although a relative newcomer to the art world, he is pleased to have hundreds of collectors from around the world, and has already had his paintings in many shows from San Francisco to London.

Pina, 2020, acrylic on paper, 18 x 24 inches, © Terri Lloyd

Checking in. How are you doing?
Yes, my friend I’m talking to you. How are you doing?

Are you struggling to keep your mind occupied?
Feeling like you have to over compensate with busy projects?
Are you taking advantage of the down time to push creative boundaries, experiment?

Or are you giving yourself permission to sit still?  Do you know what day it is?

Drop me a line and let me know how you are coping or not coping. I want to hear from you.

Something I’m doing, and I believe we talked about it a few weeks ago, is spending two two-hour sessions on FaceTime with a dear friend of mine in New York. We started out painting each other’s portraits and plan to continue our sessions past the portraits and into other works. This provides both of us with a bit of a structure, some accountability in varying degrees, and allows us to maintain our personal connection. All of which contributes toward a state of acceptance regarding the current shared circumstances.

Let me know how you are managing this new paradigm.

Be well, stay well,