Bathing Beauty With Little Red Book

“Zen in one hand. Gonzo in the other.”

I am visual artist living and working in Los Angeles since 1980.

My exploration into the absurdities of the human condition began at an early age. I attribute this to my 1970s latch-key-kid youth.

In the late 1980s I managed to land a job in computer graphics spending the next 25 years as a print media designer.

Volunteerism and community art projects have been a prominent part my activities. In the late 1990s, I was active with Echo Park Arts Festival. More recently, I worked with Historic Highland Park Neighborhood Council and was a board member of Lummis Day Community Foundation.

In 2010 I founded The Haggus Society, a non-profit feminist arts group for women over the age of 40.

I have been a frequent contributor to independent publisher, Black Scat Books. During 2016, as Pink Buddha, I wrote a monthly advice column, “Ask PB” for the online magazine Le Scat Noir.

Under the Black Scat imprint, I authored two books. One as my performance character, Pink Buddha, When I Grow Up And Other Mantras. And the other, The Little Red Book Of Commie Porn with artist Norman Conquest. Both are now out of print.

In 2013 I suffered a series of small strokes brought on by the stress of trying to do it all. A year later, I shuttered the doors of The Haggus Society.

The death of my father in late 2017 was the catalyst for my return to painting. Through a process of unlearning I created my “Other Hand” series. After two years I returned to using my dominant hand.

Dab Art, Co. began representing my work in 2019.

The pandemic and economic lock-down of 2020 found me witnessing the effects of trauma –both in real life and in social media. This prompted me to move beyond the canvas and explore installation art. 

I hope to be able to realize the first of several installation projects by 2022.

Once in a while, I manage to feed the cats and bird on time. And sometimes even my husband. 

My work is being collected by weirdos across the U.S., Europe and Australia.