Gratitude, Love & Mutual Aid #4


Corn, digital collage, © 2014 Terri Lloyd/Pink Buddha

Gratitude and love are revolutionary.

Nothing like a pandemic, a capitalist market “fluctuation”, and the fact that a mentor is now in hospice to remind me about what is truly important. What can one do when faced with things so much larger than oneself? Reorganize and prioritize.

All of this stuff we’re experiencing is so real it demands being present, fully present. But, man is that work. When I get a bit overwhelmed, I have to take a step back. The best way for me to do that is, as cheesy as it sounds, is to practice gratitude. Nothing big, just think about things, mundane, every day things, that I am grateful about.

I could list the material stuff, like the house, the cars, the computer, groceries, stuff like this. But then there are the more mundane things that often get lost in the shuffle of the struggle to be something or someone in this society. Like the birds shouting their chisme (gossip) across the Backyard Emirates in the late afternoon. Or the smell of the cats when I put a little kiss on their heads, just to annoy them. Yes, Castor smells different than Ozzy.

This week I’m truly grateful that I was able to put to words how my mentor has affected me, the mark he made not just on my art practice, but on me as a person —in my life. It was important for me to let him know that I see him, truly see him. That what he has done for artists over the years has been out of love, and that is fucking revolutionary.

Wading Pool Party, 2020, acrylic on canvas, 24 x 36 inches

Magical things do happen, even in a pandemic. During one of my FaceTime painting sessions with my dear friend Pina (she’s in NY), we discovered that we could merge our energy to create something new and beautiful to share it with other artists, students, and so on. It was as if we both had half of a heart-shaped charm and finally found the piece that was missing. I won’t reveal too much, because we need to put this talk into action to see if it will work. I will say it incorporates other hand painting and a little something sort of zen.

Pina and I were also talking about how creating a thing of beauty can be a revolutionary act. It occurred to me that revolution doesn’t have to be violent, it can be as simple as changing one’s mind. Of course, there’s an element of risk. Change is often uncomfortable.
As I think about post-pandemic life, I really do not want to go back to “normal.” A return to normal is not good enough, and it’s not sustainable. Do I have a solution? Philosophically, yes. As for specifics, no, I don’t have answers. And maybe that’s okay for now. I think the important thing is to ask the right questions and have the hard conversations. Think beyond what we know. Do a little free falling into the abyss. Maybe just learn to love each other and ourselves a little bit more…

Be well, stay well…

P.S. Below are this week’s Mutual Aid and Cooperation introductions. Take a moment to mingle.

Alessandor’s Tea of the Weak

I met Alessandor through the Artery platform. She reached out to meet for coffee and we became fast friends. You know, she’s the one that coined “Anti Terri.” In a lot of ways, Alessandor reminds me of a young Terri. She’s way more driven and eloquent than I was at the same age, nonetheless, there is this no bullshit thread that weaves between our generations that I do adore. Never mind her wicked sense of humor mixed with the occasional pun or dad joke. Alessandor is also the mastermind behind Fuck The Art Market.

“The Tea of the Weak is my weekly t-shirt. Each week on Monday, I will release a design that will only be available for one week, until the following Monday, when I shall release a new one.”

If you like a naked cat, grab this Tee before it’s gone.

FB: AlessandorEarnest

Above, Chimney Swift

Steven’s facebook intro says, “Worker bee making shiny things for personal enjoyment and for the amusement of others.” I couldn’t agree more. Steven and I met at South Coast Contemporary in San Pedro about 5 or 6 years ago, where we were both exhibiting. I immediately fell in love with his work which reflects a thoughtfulness I appreciate and often a biting sense humor.


Like myself, Steven has a not so imaginary pal named Greenie. Greenie and Pink Buddha exchange holiday cards at Christmas time.

When asked if I could introduce him to you, Steven replied:

“Thinking about the info you asked for in your blog, I have come to realize that my life is the very definition of mundane and ordinary.  No story to tell–no criminal record, no world record, no vinyl record(ings); nothing.  Last brush with the law was when I was in grade school.  [My friends and I were busted tagging the back of Jefferson Bowl in Culver City.]   This is so embarrassing!  Ah, damn… “

No, Steven, I wouldn’t call you mundane. Not by any means.
FB: greenie.arts
Insta: @greeniearts

Above: Crime Rib T-shirt

Shane blew my mind about 10 or so years ago at a little event in Pasadena known as the Alternative Art Market. He showed up with his ODDoman sculpture and I couldn’t take my hands off the thing all day. He’s such a gentle being and here was this pokey strange almost S&M sculpture, I loved the paradox! Shane’s work reached beyond his soft sculptures. He produces some amazing digital works along with abstract painting and then some. One of the things I love most about Shane’s work is his sense of humor which lands somewhere between Archie McPhee and Mad Magazine. Especially his Silly Products T-shirts.

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