March 21 Tertulia/Open Studio Postponed


Terri’s Tertulia, aka, the March 21 Open Studio has been postponed.

Considering that some of the exhibiting artists are in the segment of population that is most at risk, I have decided it would be best to postpone the Tertulia/open studio event until warmer weather prevails.

This isn’t to say that we fear the general public, we don’t. And nor should the public fear us. However, as we are told the virus behaves, it’s very hard to know if or when someone might be a host for COVID-19.

With all the conflicting information regarding Coronavirus, my gut is telling me to err on the side of caution for all parties.

My understanding of the virus, like many other respiratory viruses, is that it doesn’t thrive in warmer weather. Let’s look to maybe Summer Solstice time for another gathering, TBA.

Stay well, take the necessary precautions.