Redding Fires Devastate

Redding Fires

My brother and sister-in-law lost their home over night in the devastating Redding fires. They lost everything. Fire is not kind.

I’m hosting a gofundme campaign to help acquire some essentials as they wait for the fires to subside and the insurance companies to do their duty. Meanwhile, they need the little stuff, plates, utensils, underwear, socks, shoes, hair brushes, etc.

If you can, please help. If you can, please share.

Setting up at the Venice Art Walk

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Didn’t have time to take more photos, it was a busy and bouyant evening. Big thanks to stARTup art fair, The Kinney, and Venice Art Crawl for making this evening possible.

Emily Maddigan’s boots reflect her work, so does that ca-razy jacket!

Architectural works of Rich Lanet (in back). And Lily Phan setting up next to him.

The process intensive works of David Koeth.

(L) Myopia, (r) Releasing, by moi.

Courtyard view with Ray and Josephine from stARTup.

Emily Maddigan’s shamanic sculptures.