SelfieMy approach is a an emulsification of commercial and graphic arts expertise poured into pointed visuals seasoned with pun and insinuation.

Preliminary thoughts are sketched out on post-its, bar napkins, ATM receipts, or any other scrap of tree pulp that is convenient at the time. More often than not, I scrawl a trigger thought like, “Feral tomatoes.” The trigger is usually enough, even after a long period of time, to recall the gymnastics of my mental theater.

Many components are created for a composition only to be used in another image all together. I appropriate a small amount of my imagery, generally preferring to stage my own photos or draw my own backgrounds. Sometimes I generate a piece in other media first, then move it into digital. Nothing is concrete, except for my statements and observations.

I ponder and pull back and ponder and pull back, until there is a solid singular visual. A flipping switch that opens many conceptual tributaries leading from or toward that singular statement. Like Zen paintings, I feel it is important to clear the clutter and give the viewer a place to rest the eyes and let the mind fill in the details. The fun for me is watching the viewer discover what each layer reveals. Take the image at face value or spend time peeling.