The artist. Photo credit: Carl Ehlig, 2016

The artist. Photo credit: Carl Ehlig, 2016

“Exiled to the wilderness of nonconformity I have found comfort some place between Zen and the professionally weird. A paper-headed pajama-clad raconteur translating observations and reactions with graphic pun and insinuation, my work continues to venture into the absurdities of socio-political, philosophical and psychoanalytical themes.”

I’ve never felt I fit in, anywhere, at any given time. There was and is always this sense of being the other. The crazy sister. The problem child. The wacky redhead. The anarchist. The outlaw to my in-laws. The slightly shocked and amused witness.

I’d like to think I’m wrong and that this otherness is actually a very healthy sense of self.

Dancing to the cacophony of my own drum-line —a herd of monkeys banging spoons on all the pots in the kitchen— I embrace my inner brat. She tends to ask honest and rightful questions.

The Brat and I navigate an abyss which lies somewhere between Alan Watts and Hunter S. Thompson, masters of delivering the punchline to the Cosmic Joke. Zeitgeist. Cue Carmina Burana.

Tragedy and Comedy –or more aptly– Lunacy and Tragedy are constants in my life and my work. If I were a book, I’d be “The World According To Garp.”  I do not believe there is a purpose or reason for things happening. The universe may be ordered, but it sure as hell is unreasonable. Bang! Shit happens. The end.

I am influenced by Manga, classic cartoons such as Herriman’s Krazy Kat, surrealism, conceptual art, branding and advertising, and Gracie Allen. Language informs much of what I do as a visual artist. I love word-play and telling children lies, such as, “Monster Island is off the coast of Southern California.”

The work I generate lives somewhere between Pop and DADA, with a twist of surrealism.