“Exiled to the wilderness of nonconformity I have found comfort some place between Zen and the professionally weird. A paper-headed pajama-clad raconteur translating observations and reactions with graphic pun and insinuation, my work continues to venture into the absurdities of socio-political, philosophical and psychoanalytical themes.”

I navigate an abyss which lies somewhere between Alan Watts and Hunter S. Thompson. Zen in one hand, Gonzo in the other.

I do not believe there is a purpose or reason for things happening. The universe may be ordered, but it sure as hell is unreasonable. Humor and wit become necessary tools for survival in an otherwise absurd and self-destructive culture.

The images I generate reflect both my quirky humor and love of language. The work has been described as “being drawn into a private joke that can only be appreciated by members of a secret society.” I prefer to liken what I do to an optical illusion, or well executed pun. The objective, either way, is to get you to look a second time.

Scenes are set against backdrops of what could be described as a sort of Zen Surrealism. Compositions host a subtle yet lyrical meticulousness. Key elements are recognizable throughout much of my work: a simple vertical three panel layout, sky at top, horizon line and ground. My palette within a series tends to be rigorous. Action, much like thought occurs on both upper and lower planes of the image.

My influences include Manga, Film Noir, classic cartoons,  comics such as Krazy Kat, surrealism, conceptual art, branding, and advertising.