Pink Buddha

Pink Buddha manifested out of a photo shoot collaboration that was to incorporate my “baby head” flowers –a nonsensical project that combined shish kebab skewers, wine corks, doll faces, red paint, CDs and DVDs and an in ordinate amount of glue.

Pink Buddha Babyheads: Appearance 1

PB in Chinatown, 2009. Photo credit: June Choi

When asked to come up with fuzzy slippers, a shower cap and pink robe, I manifested a pair of suicide shoes (laceless chuck tailors), silly pajamas (Nick and Nora) and with at trip to my favorite Chinese market in Los Angeles’ Chinatown, my outfit was complete. I had been coveting that Buddha head mask for years!

Pink Buddha Babyheads: Appearance 1

PB and baby heads in Chinatown, 2009. Photo credit: June Choi

What resulted from a couple of delightful photo incidents has blossomed into a life of its own. Videos, fortune card readings, imagination insurance, videos, guerrilla performance and Facebook memes all fill the absurd dance card of Pink Buddha, with more shenanigans to come.


PB Student Selfie, 2014. Photo credit: Terri Lloyd

I’m often asked what it all means. For the longest time I had not been able to articulate my motivation to wear a mask and play dress up. Absurdity is the foundation, of course. But if I were to stop a second and seek deeper meaning, Pink Buddha allows me to get away with all sorts of shenanigans I couldn’t in my daily life. PB manifests as memes, fine art, birthday announcements, jewelry, books, videos and guerilla performance art. Pink Buddha is approachable, silly, sometimes noir, always absurd, and mythical.

For me, PB is real. Pink Buddha is part of me —that part of me that would like to still believe in magic, Santa, Easter Bunnies, Unicorns, Fairy Donut, happy childhoods, happily ever afters, and the good in humanity. Pink Buddha is better than therapy and I don’t need to carry insurance to put on my mask. I think we all can all use a little more Pink Buddha. Don’t you?

PB Stencil. Get out and paint!

PB Stencil. Get out and paint!

Download your PB Stencil


Baby head flower stencil. Get out and paint!

Download your BabyheadStencil

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