Coming Around The Bend

So, we’re coming around the bend into what seems to be the last stretch of this campaign, or is it?

I’m feeling the crunch, and a little anxiety about meeting the “Halfway Challenge.”
I think I mentioned that. There is a benefactor who has stepped up to match all funds plus one dollar if I can get to the halfway mark of $2900. I’m halfway to halfway.

Sometimes it’s like molasses, ice cold molasses. The funds are trickling in slowly and I’ve noticed some patterns or trends in what it is I’m doing. It seems I get more traction later in the day, because, I think my audience is either older and busy during the day, or most folks following me and my shenanigans, all have day jobs.

I’ve also noticed that no one on Instagram takes any sort of action outside of liking an image. Slackers.

People really do like the personal touch of the social media “thank you” I make for each donor.

Weekends are better for collecting donations than during the week.

A sense of momentum pays off in spades.

Hatchfund is also stepping up some more to help. So, stay tuned. It ain’t over until I’m singing. (That’s a fat lady joke. Ahem, I am a fat lady. Can’t sing worth a damn… )

Today, I’m doing something on this cool feed called Ask Me Anything, regarding my work and my Hatchfund campaign. The questions coming in have been pretty good, and I’m answering them all. Why not?

Here’s the link:

I’m pulling out all sorts of stops with my campaign graphics/ads, but heck it is that time of year.

All in all, I’m still cautiously optimistic. Good things are on the horizon. And I can’t wait to send out the perks. Seriously. I love gift giving.

Speaking of gift giving here is the link so you can make a tax deductible gift to my campaign:

Thanks, I’ll see you at the finish line.