26 Days Left & GREAT NEWS!

I’m sitting in the warm glow of gratitude. It’s early morning, the house is dark, husband and cats still snoring. Well, with the exception of Castor who has recently decided to make me nocturnal. (Psst, kitty, breakfast is NOT at 2:30 am!)

The hard work is paying off. The amount of support that I have received is for my Hatchfund campaign has been overwhelming. And it’s not simply financial support, but the stuff that I didn’t expect at all. I can’t tell you how often I have been moved to tears throughout this campaign. Pink Buddha and I feel your love.

Since August 21, we have steadily raised $1119. Many wonderful angels have given their support helping me saddle this dragon and fly it home.

A few days ago, a benefactor who wishes to remain anonymous gave me a challenge. The challenge is to meet the benefactor halfway and they will MATCH the campaign plus one dollar to meet our goal.

Could have knocked me over with a feather.

If you haven’t made a commitment to donate or were waiting it out to see what happens, this is your moment. It doesn’t have to be a large donation at all.

I believe with the help of a few more angels, we will saddle up this dragon and fly.

Hop on, I’ll drive.

Perks are limited to this campaign only. Get yours today!

P.S. here’s the link: https://www.hatchfund.org/project/as_above_so_below