But You Have To Keep Plugging Along

You do. You have to keep plugging along. And plugging is what I’m doing.

Good news is, the campaign crested $1000 over the past weekend. Bad news, is silence once again.

I feel like I’m stuck on one of those bungie rides at the county fair. Someone get me off this thing! Haha!

So, it’s really difficult fighting the algorithms that edit the feeds on social media platforms. I can’t recall if I mentioned early on, that I figured out I personally wouldn’t get much traction on social media. From what I have read, unless you can break through the clutter of the sensationalist algorithms, your posts will get lost.
You can read about how the odds are slanted here: https://medium.com/the-mission/the-enemy-in-our-feeds-e86511488de

Sensationalist bullshit wins the feed. Which is why I decided to use Pink Buddha to do my Hatchfund marketing for me. I can be and say pretty much anything I want as PB. I can call people names, be insulting (can’t tell you how much that works, but it does). I can be political, dystopian, you name it. As long as it is PB saying it, people will engage it and often listen.

On social media, no one gives a rat’s ass about me. My mug and my art is just another grain of sand on an already cluttered beach.

So, with exactly 4 weeks left of this agonizing process, I’m pulling out all the tricks, the shenanigans, and big brave asks. Pink Buddha will become more assertive while I am reaching out to some big names in astrology and so forth, behind the scenes.

I’m hoping this will be enough risk taking to make my modest goal. We’ll see.

Meanwhile here is the link to my campaign: https://www.hatchfund.org/project/as_above_so_below

Think about supporting emerging and independent art. If you choose not to, then maybe do me a kindness and share the link with someone who might be interested — or the paper head gets it. (Just kidding)