Not sure what to do next.

Three major hurricanes, the Pacific Northwest is on fire, wars, a massive earthquake, a long time friend’s sister in near fatal accident, another friend needs to raise funds for medical/autoimmune needs, and the list goes on. Everyone around me is crowdfunding for one cause or another.

If I had known all this shit was going to happen, I would have never ventured into crowdfunding. But I didn’t know and now I’m stuck in circling the drain in potential failure.

A whole lot of work, for nothing.

I can’t say for nothing, the support from friends and family near and far that are supporting my work, is invaluable. When I think of all the kind things they have said, and their belief that I do indeed deserve and have earned a shot at getting my work in front of people who can really help me start a career, my heart swells.

Right now, though, my campaign is stalled, probably because of all of the stuff I mentioned above, probably because what ever I’m doing isn’t working or engaging. I’m not bitching. Just thinking out loud here.

It’s hard to want to stick with this when no one is paying attention. The posts get likes, those that know me are sharing the links. I’ve paid to boost posts, for social media advertising, for p.r. and the list goes on. Right now, this thing is costing me more in time, creative effort, and cash than I’m raising.

What to do? I don’t fucking know.

I’ll keep going, because I’m committed to the campaign, but more importantly, as much of a struggle this is, I am committed to my art. This series is a break through for me, it’s got the goods. I have the goods.

You know, a good friend says to not leave this campaign at the foot of Hatchfund. He’s convinced it is going to fail if I continue only doing their structure and plan. I think he’s right. It’s time to think around the corners.

So, I’m going to pull out the big guns, and the big courage and I’m going to reach out to people I don’t know (like that advertising was supposed to do and didn’t), and ask for what I want.

What do I want?
Two things.
To be able to produce the work so I can take it to the stARTup art fair in 2018.
To get the validation, aka, endorsements I need to convince the rest of you that it’s a good idea to support my work.

Here is the link to my Hatchfund campaign: