Crowdfunding Ain’t For P*ssies

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The Struggle Within,  from the Mudras series, © 2016, Terri Lloyd

Crowdfunding ain’t for pussies, that’s for sure. The internal dialog has been a roller coaster of thought. Is my art worthy? Does it matter? Is my story compelling enough? Did I let the art do too much of the talking instead of me sharing with people why it is important that I get to the stARTup art fair. (Hint: It’s like my only shot at a real art career.) Do people really care? Blah blah blah.

Essentially, what I am doing is begging. Officially, for the next 5 weeks, I am an art busker. I don’t think I’m graceful enough to be considered a mendicant, I’ll reserve that term for Budhist monks. I’m more like that kid with 4 cats on leashes sitting on piece of cardboard along the sidewalk in Old Town Pasadena making origami roses for cat food money.

That’s how it feels, for the most part. No, don’t buy me a sammich, I need cash money, baby. Sammies don’t pay for frames.

I’m making myself crazy. Okay, crazier. Ego wants pats on the head, marketing brain wants me to be as relevant and compelling as possible with measurable and actionable results, the rest of me says, “Fuck it. Damn the torpedoes. Keep going and see where it takes you.”

It’s All Good, AKA Pink Poo, © 2013, Terri Lloyd

That’s the part of me I love the most, the fuck it part. It’s where I do my best work, actually. It’s where Pink Poo comes from, or The Bunny Gun Amendment, The Little Red Book Of Commie Porn and so on.

© Chuck Jones, Dr. Seuss, not used with permission, so sue me.

Mostly, this is a big letting go exercise. I had to release any and all expectations. Because I’m of this no expectations mind, I’ve been able to enjoy some surprising moments that have brought so much more than money. If I don’t fund the campaign, my heart has been filled three times over with so much kindness, love, and support for this crazy little thing called art. I feel like the Grinch in the Dr. Seuss story. You know the moment.

But it’s not all hearts and rainbows. I have had the distinct pleasure of shutting down a troll or two, and even a known narcissist. Guess I could have negotiated with them to share the link to the Hatchfund page, but at this point, that requires too much energy on my part. I play with them for a few minutes, get bored, kill them and eat them.

No, wait. That’s what the cats do. I’m much nicer, I opt to block.

Castor and the carrot. “Look Carrot, no claws.”

Besides, things are cooking over here in my little cave. I started a new series. Let me clarify, I started a new piece to add to the Mudras series, which I think is going to take a very interesting turn. AND… I outlined the next series. So I’m excited!

The Hatchfund campaign runs until October 9. I think I mentioned that with the last notification. Yes, John Lennon’s birthday. Yes, I like Beatles. Yes, he was an icon to me going up. Yes, I know where I was when I heard the news. If you would do me a solid (yes, like a b.m.), and share the campaign once in a while, I would forever be grateful. And if I fund, I’ll know who shared and yes, I’ll treat you to some goodies. Everyone loves a good bribe, right?

Until next time…