15 Reasons Why You Should Support My Hatchfund Campaign

I’ve decided to blog about my crowdfunding experiences with Hatchfund. I really didn’t want to start blogging again because it clutters up my website. Or so I think.

And I really don’t want to spend so much time writing when I could be working on art. But here I am.

The process of getting the campaign set up and ready to go was pretty cool. I like the Hatchfund platform and care. I’ll be sharing that experience later this week on Artsy Shark, so stay tuned.

I’m about one full week into my campaign, and I realized why I hate crowdfunding. It can be a bit of a roller coaster ride for the ego. I’m way out of my comfort zone.  The business of being a mendicant is not easy and I am having moments already where I want to pull the plug. I won’t. I’m going to play it out. Come what may.

So, instead of all that new age woo talk about the power of positive thinking, I sat my self down and asked why people should support my campaign. Here’s what I came up with:

Why should you support my campaign:

1. I’m an underdog in the greater scheme of things —female, over 50, artist, unemployed, no college degree, no institutional support or connections. Because of this, I’m forced to work harder, think deeper, be more creative with my approach to just about everything.  Wouldn’t it be nice to see an underdog actually get an opportunity to step up and put a dream into action?

2. My work is truly unique. And often funny.

3. I’m not afraid of hard work or seemingly impossible challenges. See number 1.

4. I’m willing to look like a fool.

5. I’m not afraid to fail, even in public. I guess that’s kind of like number 5.

6. I fulfill my promises.

7. I over deliver.

8. I know I’m not an island and that no one gets “there” where ever there is, alone.

9. I am philanthropic by nature and support artists and other causes as I am able. I love being a helping hand. See number 12.

10. The perks are pretty cool. The art is fun. I only work in short run multiples. Period.

11. My gratitude and loyalty to those who support me is insurmountable, unless you are a dog.

12. It makes you feel good. No really, it does. There’s a whole science to it.

13. Art enriches your life.

14. This is a great way to start collecting art.

14. It’s good karma, if you go for that kind of thing. And if you don’t, it’s a pay it forward moment, see number 12.

15. I love animals. Not sure how this one fits, but people who love animals can’t be all bad.

Support my Hatchfund campaign here: https://www.hatchfund.org/project/as_above_so_below