And Now It’s Time For A Plug

And I don’t mean butt plug, either.

—innovative art & fiction that dares to walk under ladders.


This issue features 13 contributors: Paulo Brito, Eckhard Gerdes, Harold Jaffe, Soren James, Rick Krieger, Terri Lloyd, Monika Mori, Alice Pulaski, Frank Pulaski, Doug Skinner, Mylene Viger, Dominic Ward, and Carla M. Wilson. A sublime brew with a cover by Alice Pulaski.

I just ordered two after getting my complimentary review PDF.

There is some really fun reading in this issue. However, the art alone is worth the price of the book. Even if I do say so myself.

These Black Scat Reviews make great holiday gifts for the discerning consumer of sublime art and literature.

Order your copy now on Amazon.


terri lloyd

Terri Lloyd's career has been a two pronged path between fine art and commercial arts adventures. In 2010, she retired her commercial art career to pursue a lifelong dream of fine arts, and continues to become more active as a leader in community arts organizations and activities.

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