Hey! I’m A Winner And A Few Other Things.

My vote is Pinko

My vote is Pinko

This was a busy week for me. I was a guest blogger for ArtsyShark.com. And if you’ve ever worked with an arts collective or produced an arts event, you’ll appreciate my topic of “Wild Card Event Fails.”
Read more about it HERE.

And one of my works was selected for the Manhattan Arts International exhibition “Hot Topics – Bold Expressions” exhibition. I just got the announcement, but my understanding is that the work goes live August 17, so you’ll be hearing again about this, with image. Teaser, it was a PB that got chosen. HIGH-LARIOUS!
You can read more about the Hot Topics exhibit HERE.

Buy The Way… Like that? Don’t forget, you can get your very own 12 x 18 Pink Buddha poster for dirt cheap thanks to Black Scat Books. Check it out HERE.

By “HERE,” I mean tap the link, Love Bug.