Opportunity for Activist Artists, or Artist Activists

Are you an artist-activist, activist-artist? Does your creative practice include a level of political or social dissidence? Do you or your arts collective have a message or take action to make the world a better place?

Then I want to hear from you. I have the opportunity to blog about things close to my heart, such as political art and direct action via the arts. What you do must be related to the arts.

I ask 5 easy questions, sent to you via email. You answer them and send me images of your works or actions (no more than 4). I may ask you some follow up questions. Once I have an article in place, I’ll publish it on The Healing Power of Arts & Artists website, where you will be introduced to a large and open hearted and open-minded audience.

Email for more info at: Terri@thehaggussociety.org