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From the Keep It Dirty website:

It’s the excess of dirtiness that makes us notice it and want to describe it. Nature isn’t clean. It’s neither clean nor dirty.

There’s excess when accretion determines a new behavior (behavior: of the order of the gesture, the discontinuous; like the ritual, it’s therefore something that structural analysis can grasp).

The law authorizes the infraction, it’s really marking the excess of dirtiness.

~Roland Barthes

KEEP IT DIRTY is asking everyone to stop washing their cars. As in, right now. Just don’t do it. It’s easy because you don’t have to do anything. It’s also dirty. It’s a new dirty geo-politics. Droughts are dusty, but you’re not dusty enough yet. And neither is your car. (<—- Hello!)

KEEP IT DIRTY is also an affiliative network, oriented towards ecological consciousness raising and collective image production in the interest of posthuman environmental solidarity. Which means this is a site where we invite everyone to hail and confabulate and perform the dirty with us. You say you love the earth? Well, you need to get dirty, then. And tell us how to do it, too. (<—- yep!)

KEEP IT DIRTY is a love-in that practices Leo Bersani’s impersonal narcissism. It wants the shock of the touch of your dirtiness, but without any claims. Except on the future.

KEEP IT DIRTY likes it when you talk dirty.

KEEP IT DIRTY is asking you to NOT work at the car wash because it actually IS better to dig a ditch.

Do we really mean to take shelter from our jouissance in the order of utility, to become “a branch of the service of goods,” in the mistaken hope that the “human sciences” will be rewarded for doing so? (Aranye Fradenburg)

KEEP IT DIRTY reclaims jouissance for the environmental movement, in its attempt to move beyond consumerist models of sustainability and towards a more shared, together, and loving model for planetary stewardship at the local level. It asks: “What would Lacan say?” (<—- yes!)

KEEP IT DIRTY says you can do nothing, and it’s fabulous.

KEEP IT DIRTY embraces a practical negativity and inhumanism that refuses resignation. (<—- ahem!)

Practical negativity refuses to be a resignation, but it also refuses to contribute to the system and develop a systematic attitude toward the affirmative stance “implicit” in the construction of the system. (Reza Negarestani)

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If you are interested in joining this dirty desiring-assemblage and would also like to contribute material to this platform, please contact either Samuel Ray Jacobson ( or Eileen Joy (