The Charlatan And The Deceiver

The Charlatan ©2013 – 2014 Terri Lloyd

The Charlatan ©2013 – 2014 Terri Lloyd


The Deceiver ©2013 Terri Lloyd

The Charlatan and The Deceiver are about those who would sell snake oil, or otherwise prey upon human insecurities for profit.

Both of these images are fairly simple and obvious puns. Hands were used to imply the mythological notion of a greater force at work, that we are victims of fate, and have no control of our outcomes.

In The Charlatan we see currency symbols assigned to the largest 5 (in terms of population) religions. In addition, the carrot’s chakras are aligned with symbols representing Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Self-help gurus, religious and cult leaders, and even advertising agencies dangle the carrot of insecurity to get you to empty your pockets.

In the Deceiver we are reminded to be wary of the bait and switch.