Direct from Red China—the Shocking Underground Classic!


As capitalist running dog days of August approach, we are preparing to release one of the most controversial books we’ve ever published—THE LITTLE RED BOOK OF COMMIE PORN.

Long suppressed and banned in Red China, this incendiary work has never before been seen by Western eyes. So shocking and graphic are its contents that anyone found possessing it in the People’s Republic faced years of re-education or—during Mao’s reign—execution. The Great Helmsman himself urged party members to “strike down pinko porno!—oppose filth!,” yet was rumored to have kept a copy under his pillow. Throughout Peking, anti-Commie Porn posters warned citizens to “Pound Bourgeois Stroke Books with Red Fists of Fury!”…”Oppose Sex Worship!”… “Struggle Vigorously to Defeat Yankee-Panky!”, etc.

In 2013, two notorious California-based artists—Terri Lloyd and Norman Conquest—conspired to obtain a copy of the original edition. Together they traveled to China and smuggled out a rare copy.They have devoted nearly a year to scanning the lewd illustrations and translating the often cryptic Red Guard “pornoganda” slogans into English.

This coming Labor Day, Black Scat Books will proudly present this profusely illustrated, complete and unexpurgated little volume in a special limited edition of 100 copies. Due to the nature of its contents, the book is guaranteed to sell out quickly, and we advise you to pre-order your copy and save $6 off the publication day cover price ($24).

Pre order offer closed.