Copper 7

©2012 Terri Lloyd

My submission to The Exquisite Uterus: The Art of Resistance.
Linen, cotton embroidery thread, human hair, wood, glue.
Here’s the scoop if you want to participate with a uterus of your own:

In reaction to the what is being called the most current ‘War on Women,’ two artists, known notorious Feminists, and sometime curators Helen Klebesadel and Alison Gates are facilitating a collaborative art piece to be shown in an exhibition they are curating in conjunction with the  joint 36th annual Wisconsin Women’s Studies and 7th annual LGBTQ Conference planned for fall 2012 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Interested artists and other motivated participants are asked to embellish a plain cloth uterus “blank” (a square of organic white cotton canvas fabric with a simple black and gray medical illustration of a female reproductive system printed permanently on its surface.) Final works should be approximately 13″ square.  Participation is free except for the cost of purchasing the organic cotton canvas uterus and mailing.

The fabric uteri are available via on-line orders here:
(It will cost $14.00 for a ‘fat square’ that included two uteri.  You can give one to a friend).  All proceed to the artist from the sale of this fabric will be donated to organizations working for women’s reproductive justice.

Participants are invited to manipulate the blank uterus in any way their fertile imaginations desire, making their prodigious powers of self-expression and creativity obvious to all.  They are asked to send it to the project organizers with a stamped self-addressed envelope for its return after the exhibition.

Alison and Helen only ask that you don’t take your uterus for granted.  Claim it! Have fun with it but take your control of your own personal uterus very seriously.  Take the time to think about what your uterus wants to say visually, and make it happen. You may use words, stitches, dye, colors, textures, images, sparkly stuff, fairy dust or whatever else inspired you.  They want uteri both bold and shy, and will even have some made by guys (there are already rumors of uteri aprons and pillows).

Once all the uteri have been received the artists will follow the tradition of the motherhood of church ladies and assemble their collection of unique, individual and righteously outspoken uteri for public viewing in the Steinhilber Art Gallery as a part of the exhibition entitled “Power, Politics, and Performance”


  • August 1  Artworks due with optional written statement and contact information secured to the back
  •  include a SASE for return
  • Sept.3 – Oct. 6     Exhibition with artwork on display
  • Oct. 5th  Conference Reception
  • October 7-14  Works with a Stamped Self-addressed Envelope will be returned to maker.
  •  (Unclaimed uteri will be   sewn into quilt s and donated to benefit  women’s reproductive rights.MORE: