Inciting the goddess

This image was created for !Presente!, the newspaper of the movement to close the School of the Americas, now called WHINSEC.

I was asked to illustrate an image for an article discussing how militarization abuses gender through partriarchal violence against the female.

The image is an inconic propaganda statement illustrating the resistance of women against conquest –political, religious or gender.

The circle of female forms is a hybrid of the “circle of friends” pottery of Mexico and Pre-Columbian Art / Tlatilco Sculpture of a Woman. The concept was to use a goddess type of icon (similar to the neolithic Venus of Willendorf) representative of the peoples directly affected by WHINSEC. By using an ancient goddess icon, we are challenged to remember that before there was patriarchy, there was reverence for the earth, the mother, the goddess.

There are five figures in the circle of goddesses. They represent the five universal tribes/colors of people (pink, yellow, red, brown, black).

The winged heart relates directly to the Cheyenne proverb, text in Spanish and English. The wings are modeled after the wings of the Macaw. An endagered bird of Amazonia, prized by the pet trade for it’s personality and colors. A similar fate of all that is considered a natural or marketable resource in the region south of the US border.

It is the determination and power of the women, working together as mother, sister, daughter, grandmother, wife and friend that keeps the wolves (dogs of war, militarization) at bay and heart a float.

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