The Mommy’s Curse

Digital Illustration, 2006
Image size: 34 x 50 inches
Archival Print, 100% Rag
A revealing and sad look at how the children end up living the pain the parents inflict, willingly or unwillingly upon them.

Here’s the small print:

Another Little Bastard Love Child presents and Allsebrook-Lloyd Family Fiasco in association with Walking Wounded Inc.
music by Gary Allsebrook edited by No TLC Visual Perceptions
design by Disfunction Junction (I said it a decade before SNL ever did!)
Co-producers Sam & Carol Lloyd
Executive Producers Carleen & Stanley Allsebrook
Produced by Two Generations of Addiction & Self Loathing
Story by PTSD Group

Rated Bipolar 21

No one under 21 admitted unless accompanied by psychiatric care specialist.
Graphic scenes of violent physical and psychological abuse, neglect, and abandonment.Compulsory long term exposure to second hand smoke. Alcohol, illegal and prescription drugs may be needed after viewing.