The Courtship of Eddie’s Fodder

© Terri Lloyd, Hairy Carrion Arts

The Courtship of Eddie’s Fodder 2001
Digital Illustration.
Giclee print.
Edition: 1/1
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Michael Simmons is one of my favorite writers and people in general. A little bit gonzo in both aspects.

In celebration of his wonderful spirit, this image was created as a birthday gift.
The background text is one by the subject, “How I Passed The Acid Test” and was published in a book called Psychedelic Trips For The Mind, edited by Paul Krassner.

Michael gave me a copy to read one smokey wet evening.

A wonderful serendipity since I was illustrating him at the time. He had no idea I was creating this little homage.

Yes, there is an American flag in the image. This speaks to our politics and the world around us as creative and sensitive people. Especially during these trying times.

Who’s Eddie?

Well, he’s Mikey’s naughty -very naughty- alter ego.