Oxy-Moron: Not a Rush to Judgement

© Terri Lloyd, Hairy Carrion Arts

Digital Illustration 2004
Giclee print
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There’s a reason why they call it dope.

When Rush LImbaugh got busted for gobbling up TENS of thousands of dollars of oxycontin and other opiodal substances, regularly, like candy, I just had to say something.

In doing the research for this work I was amazed to find that this guy point out that he believes white men who get addicted to drugs should go directly to jail. Do not pass go. Do not collect 100 dollars. Just toss the key away.

And yet R.L. was off to rehab.

Wilma Kline was Limbaugh’s assistant earning very little who had to make the drug buys for her employer.

Flintstone coture represents the neanderthal consciouness of the subject and his groupies.

The resemblance to a Charm’s Blow Pop package is intentional.

Pain medication is often given to seriously ill children in the form of lollipops.