Guilty: Compassion 215

© Terri Lloyd, Hairy Carrion Arts

Digital Illustration
Giclee print

Homage to Scott Imler, President of the Los Angeles Cannabis Resource Center. Scott had been the President of the Los Angeles Cannabis Resource Center and was involved with Proposition 215 (California’s Compassionate Use Law).

When Mikey (previous post) told me that the LACRC was shut down by the feds and Scott was looking at multiple minimum mandatory sentencing, I was compelled to create this work.

I knew the feds would see Scott as a criminal. A dope dealer. And they pretty much judged him so with their less than ethical shutdown of the LACRC.

The only thing I could find Scott guilty of was compassion.

Background text is the actual proposition 215.
Star and bear taken from the original state flag.
Official state colors used for “burst.”
Dictionary definition of compassion wraps the star.