Bee Awake: J5MEO

© Terri Lloyd, Hairy Carrion Arts

Digital Illustration 2001
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There are few people who meet up with us along the path that truly live their lives with compassion; to seek pure truth; to challenge conventional wisdom; or simply moving outside of the consuming box.

Jaques Olivier is one of those people.

When I met Jacques my first thougth was, “He’s the most buddhalike person I have ever met.”

He is also the most psychedelic person I have met.
Yeah, sure, go ahead. Plug in that cliche image. You know the one you are thinking.

“Dirty Hippie.”

And I’ll tell you that you are wrong.
Because you are.

It takes courage to be a person like Jacques.

It takes faith to walk an honest path. To not get knocked out of orbit because others insist you must be a loser for chasing your dream or daring to live a gentler way.

Think about it.
How honest is your path?
I know mine varies from my truth from time to time.

Only once has this image name been exhibited correctly.
The word buddha, means “the awakened one.” (You knew that, right?)
The bee represents many things, literal and figurative.
Jacques’ band used a bee shaman image as it’s logo.